LifeSaver – Distracted
Driving Monitoring.

The PointeNorth Insurance Group has joined forces with LifeSaver to offer our commercial clients – with five or more vehicles in their fleet – a tool in the fight against phone-related distracted driving.

Sign up for this easy-to-use, cost-effective, app-based solution for your organization’s fleet. Just click the registration below and include the promotion code POINTE, to receive discounted pricing.

How Does it Work?

The LifeSaver app runs in the background on your driver’s smartphone. Using the phone’s location services and other technologies, LifeSaver discourages phone use while driving. If the driver tries to unlock the phone while driving, the app presents a visual block or reminder to avoid using the phone, it logs driver attempts to access the phone while driving, and it scores drivers based on their level of distracted driving behavior.

LifeSaver’s reporting options provide actionable insight on your fleet drivers’ mobile distraction. Because the driver knows their phone use is being monitored and logged, they are far less likely to use their phones while driving.

LifeSaver offers:

  • Preferential subscription pricing of $5 per month per phone, with no contracts
  • A 30-day free trial
  • No hardware to purchase, install or update
  • An intuitive app that works behind-the-scenes while being efficient on the phone’s battery
  • A personalized fleet dashboard that assists you in identifying problem and superior drivers
  • Simple deployment that allows your employees to install the smartphone app through an invitation sent from the dashboard
  • Flexibility to manage your LifeSaver account settings and view your company’s LifeSaver usage and compliance by individual or customizable groups, all through the fleet dashboard

For additional information, please contact LifeSaver at