What You’ve

Worked Hard to Achieve.

Your success, and what comes with it, should be protected.


Personal accomplishment and success are key factors that drive many of us.

If attained, they allow for security and lifestyles that enable the pursuit of personal interests and passions. For many, personal passions align to charitable works, recreational travel and sport. Others may prefer to study and collect wine, art or other fine articles, creating comfortable environments for their daily lives.


At PointeNorth Insurance Group, we want to support the pursuit of your passions with property and casualty risk assessments and planning solutions. You have been diligent in attaining your success, and we want to assist you with helping to protect the success and lifestyle you have achieved.

We can help you with a host of solutions that to suit your lifestyle.

High-Valued Homeowners Insurance
Secondary Vacation Homeowners Insurance
Recreational Water Craft, Airplane and Motor Vehicle Insurance
Family Security Insurance, Including Identity Theft Insurance
Private Fleet Auto Insurance
Jewelry, Art and Collections Insurance
Personal Excess Liability Insurance
HOA, and Charitable and Officers Insurance
High-End Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Business Insurance
Personal and Professional Travel Insurance

Let us assist you with developing solutions to help protect your assets.