Good News for Business Owners


Georgia is working to fight the alarming increase in metal theft by reaching a final agreement between the House of Representatives and Senate on legislation proposed to help combat metal theft. If signed by Governor Nathan Deal, HB872 will make it more difficult for metal thieves to profit from their crimes by requiring two things; 1) that metal sellers to show a valid ID and a work order or receipt to prove the metal was not stolen, and 2) require metal recyclers to maintain a record of all purchases. HB872 will also establish a statewide database of buyers and sellers that would be available to law enforcement agencies.

Metal theft has become a serious problem throughout the Southeast and United States. The increased theft of copper wire, air conditioning coils, manhole covers, church bells and grave markers has been disruptive to business owners and will ultimately increase insurance costs. Stay tuned for more news about HB872!

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