COVID-19: A Message from our President & CEO


To all of our valued customers and carrier partners:

As we are all aware, the Coronavirus is impacting our daily lives and causing concern in our nation and globally. The health and safety of our families, friends and employees is our top priority, and as much as possible, we are taking steps to manage the risks associated with Coronavirus.

As insurance professionals, we also recognize we have a responsibility to our clients and that we need to continue to provide essential services with minimal interruption or delay. As part of our social and fiduciary responsibility, PointeNorth Insurance Group engaged in a planning process to prepare for the possibility of natural disasters, unexpected events and situations like we are facing today with the COIVD-19 pandemic. Considerable resources have been committed to technology redundancies and a technology contingency plan that would accommodate our employees working remotely if necessary.

In response to the requests of various federal, state and local agencies, and/or to avoid any unnecessary risks to our employees or their families, we will be taking, or have taken the following steps:

  • Until further notice, we have temporarily limited in-person interaction to business critical need only.
  • Individuals in our organization that have traveled internationally or to impacted areas domestically will be asked to self-quarantine if deemed necessary.
  • Effective March 16th, the overwhelming majority of PointeNorth Insurance Group employees will be working remotely for the next several weeks or longer if necessary.

Because of the previous preparation and current efforts of our IT, Accounting/ Compliance, HR and other Administrative teams, we believe our customers and carrier partners will see minimal or no disruption from the temporary measures we are taking to help alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus. Our phones, computers and all critical systems will continue to operate as normal.

On behalf of all of us at PointeNorth, we wish you continued good health, and we know you share our confidence that the American people and our industry will demonstrate the resilience we always do when faced with a challenge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email your local Pointenorth Insurance Group contact.

William Skeeles
President  & CEO
PointeNorth Insurance Group, LLC.

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