Fitness Center Insurance Program
Information for Premium Indication

General Information
Please provide an estimate of the following operation information:

Please provide breakdown of sales if facility offers these services:

Please provide number of personnel employed:

Please provide all property or liability losses in the last 3 years.

Business Operation: Management – Personnel:
Please provide management experience and qualifications:
If yes please advise if the following in place:

Facility Policy & Procedures:
Please indicate any of the following building access and safety procedures that are in place:
Please indicate any of the following Member/Guest practices followed by the administration:
Please indicate any of the following procedures for Fitness Equipment followed by the administration:
Do you have procedures in place for staff to conduct regular facility reviews to identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action to prevent accidents in the following areas:

Sauna(s)/steam-room(s) facilities procedures implemented as follows:

Services: Please review list and check off all services offered by your facility


Please indicate any of the following Hiring Practices followed by your administration:

If yes,